A gigantic investment deficit
We have grossly under-estimated the true cost of urban infrastructure in our country. 20-odd committees have considered this over several decades, and so have the Planning Commission and several Finance Commissions. But we don't really have a legitimate figure for our urban infrastructure needs, says Ramesh Ramanathan.
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Tobacco, naphthalene and land records
We cannot implement policies for land reforms without a well-functioning land records system. And If we get this platform in place, we can enable all those interested in reform policy with the tools to ensure that their policy dreams get translated into ground realities, says Ramesh Ramanathan.
The end of an era
Ramesh Ramanathan
Nice painting, poor canvas
Total plan funding for urban areas is Rs 3,500 crores, but for rural programmes, it exceeds Rs 40,000 crores. In the meantime, the urban poor often live in sub-human conditions, and the infrastructure is barely able to cope. Ramesh Ramanathan says we need more rigour in our policy discourse.
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Lessons in urbanisation
Every developed country built the infrastructure of its cities only during the last 100 years, often in response to crises of plagues or fires. If we learn their lessons, then we could build our infrastructure with the participation of the people, says Ramesh Ramanathan.
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Urban residents: second-class citizens
For one-and-a-half lakh people, we have a committee of eight people to decide? Ramesh Ramanathan points to the irony of the allegedly empowered, but actually despairing urban citizen.
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