Rescued child labourers - institutionalised or forgotten

Kerala lacks a system to rehabilitate migrant child labourers. Navya P K finds out how rescued children are sent off to their home districts, and then forgotten.

Child Labour Children Kerala

Ineffective implementation of child labour laws
Cases on child labour or trafficking are rarely filed by the labour department and police. Even when cases are filed, offenders get away quickly. Navya P K reports. This is the second part of a three part series on child labour in Kerala by Navya, who is reporting on this topic for PII-UNICEF Media Fellowship, which was awarded to her recently.
Child Labour Children Kerala

The rise of migrant child labour
This is the first part of a three part series on child labour in Kerala by Navya P K, who is reporting on this topic for PII-UNICEF Media Fellowship, which was awarded to her recently.
Child Labour Children Kerala

Graveyard of ships struggles to survive
One of the largest ship-breaking yards in the world at Alang in Gujarat is crumbling as the EU Commission and the Supreme Court are now putting pressure to get them to create modern environmentally friendly facilities. If they do not do it, the graveyard of ships will die says Ramesh Menon.
Environmental Hazards Environment GUJARAT

A progressive framework diluted by chicanery
It is tragic that the new Amendment to the Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) (CLPR) Act, 2016, which has a seemingly progressive framework, has been largely diluted by chicanery, opines Kathyayini Chamaraj.
Child Labour Children

What's working, what's not
The uneven performance of MGNREGA in the task of rural asset generation requires a careful comparison of the decision making processes involved in those cases where the works undertaken have produced value and where it has failed to, writes Pavan Kulkarni.
Agriculture Public Funds

Jharkhand looks at better planning to aid NREGA outcomes
A three-day planning process undertaken as part of a state-wide campaign called “Yojana Banao Abhiyan” to plan for NREGA implementation in every village in Jharkhand has sensitized the people and authorities to the potential of the scheme and recharged local democratic institutions. Ankita Aggarwal reports.
Public Funds Government JHARKHAND

An endless wait for social security
The finance minister’s dream of extending social security cover to all unorganised workers in the country is a lofty one undoubtedly, but Kathyayini Chamaraj identifies the many gaps in the existing law that need to be addressed for that dream to be realised.
Livelihood Human Rights

Skills-building an imperative for rural India too and here’s why!
A recent report from the Ministry of Labour and Employment reveals that skill-intensive occupations such as plumbing, carpentry and electrical work pay more in rural India. Shambhu Ghatak looks at the data closely to argue for greater efforts towards imparting skills, especially to rural women.
Agriculture Livelihood Economy Work+Life

Daily wage-earners in Delhi find little cause to cheer for AAP
The AAP manifesto may have talked at length about “a flexible and fair labour policy” and regularisation of contract workers, but for a vast section of daily wage-earners, such promises hold no meaning. Devanik Saha talks to one to find out why.
Livelihood Economy DELHI

What are contract workers across the country pressing for?
A recent conference organised by the AICCTU in Bangalore saw more than 5000 contract workers marching in protest against the prevailing work conditions and in demand for regularisation of contracts as well as amendments in law. Here’s a list of the primary demands raised by the workers:
Livelihood Economy

Building the lives of those who build our houses
Sordid living conditions, poor educational and medical facilities, and lack of childcare inevitably characterise the lives of construction workers in the country. Are they ever going to be able to reap the benefits of the growth they facilitate? Kathyayini Chamaraj examines.
Livelihood Opinions Work+Life Human Rights

Is the lack of human resources choking your city?
Municipal corporations in India have neither any grip on the number of staffers employed and their skillsets nor any mechanism to ascertain these. Madhavi Rajadhyaksha discusses several studies including the ASICS from Janaagraha to expose what ails urban local bodies.
Cities Government
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